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Perma Cool - Oil Cooler Kit (Universal) Perma Cool - Oil Cooler Kit (Universal)
Engine oil not only serves as a lubricant for moving parts, but as a coolant for the crankshaft, rods and pistons. The bottom end of the engine relies solely on engine oil for cooling. For this reason, maintaining the correct oil temperature is critical to the engine's performance and longevity.…
AUD $ 422.09
AUD $ 389.39
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Perma Cool - Single Oil Filter Relocation Kit (Universal) Perma Cool - Single Oil Filter Relocation Kit (Universal)
* Moves filter to a convenient location * Provides extra clearance for engine swaps * Increases oil capacity * Available in single or dual remote oil filter mount * Dual filter system doubles oil filtration * Universal coverage, fits 98% of all automotive applications Fast and easy oil chang…
AUD $ 237.44
AUD $ 209.99
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