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Turbo Timers

Turbo Timers
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HKS - Turbo Timer Harness HKS - Turbo Timer Harness
HKS Turbo Timer harnesses allow for quick and simple installation of HKS Turbo Timers. Many popular applications are available. Notes - HKS systems are compatible with most OE and aftermarket security systems and will allow the engine to run ONLY if the parking brake is engaged. - Please conf…
AUD $ 38.12
AUD $ 32.66
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HKS - Turbo Timer (Universal) HKS - Turbo Timer (Universal)
In 1982 HKS introduced the world’s first Turbo Timer to assist in cooling down the turbocharger to prevent oil coking in the center bearing cartridge assembly. Oil "coking" occurs when a turbocharger is not properly cooled down and the oil that normally lubricates the center cartridg…
AUD $ 209.99
AUD $ 136.13
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MicroTech - Turbo Timer (Universal) MicroTech - Turbo Timer (Universal)
This countdown timer keeps the engine running after turning off the ignition allowing for a cool down phase for the turbo. By performing this cool down phase, the high temperature of the turbo will be cooled by fresh oil and so eliminating unneccessary heat damage to your valueable turbo. Ap…
AUD $ 206.66
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Buddy Club - SECU-TIMER Turbo Timer (Universal) Buddy Club - SECU-TIMER Turbo Timer (Universal)
The very first turbo timer with security features. The SECU-TIMER has all the functions of a usual turbo timer with an additional security lock function. The correct password must be entered before the engine can be started.   Features * Time display * Voltage display (displays b…
AUD $ 249.30
AUD $ 226.64
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APEXi - Pen Size Turbo Timer - Black/Silver (Universal) APEXi - Pen Size Turbo Timer - Black/Silver (Universal)
The APEXi Auto Timer allows the vehicle to idle for a preset amount of time after the ignition key has been removed. In turbocharged vehicles this prevents hot oil in the engine from cooking up in the lines. Hard driving can raise engine oil temperatures to dangerously high levels. Proper cool down …
AUD $ 266.65
AUD $ 162.26
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