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How to Shop

It's easy to shop at Street Tuned!

If your new to purchasing products online, then you will find this guide to be very convenient.

At the top of every page,  you will find a link to come back to this page if you ever need to.

Step 1 - Browse the products
Simply browse the products we have available.

If you cant find what your looking for and you have used the search tool, feel free to contact us about the item you couldn't find using the Contact Us page.

Step 2 - Add the product to Your Basket
If you would like to purchase a product, click "Add to Basket".

Continue browsing or proceed through the checkout process to get your product ready for shipment.

Step 3 - View your Basket
Once you have all the products in your basket you may review and amend the product quantity on the items you have added to your basket.

Step 4 - Proceed to the Checkout
Double check the item(s) that you have added to your basket and proceed to the checkout.

Step 5 - Login or Create an Account
If you don't already have an account, you may want to choose to create an account to make further purchases quick and easy.

Step 5.1 - Login
Submit your previously used login details.

Step 5.2 - Create an Account
You will be prompted for personal information so we know where to send your goods.

Step 6 - Shipping Method
Select the appropriate shipping method that suits your needs.

If total purchase value (excluding shipping) is more than $500 and you did not select First Class, we will insure your shipment at free of charge.

Insurance is only available on Registered Post.

Step 7 - Place an Order
Please confirm the following details before placing an order;
* Invoice Address
* Delivery Address
* Product Quantity
* Product

We take orders very seriously. Orders not finalised within 2 weeks will be deleted from the system unless contacted prior.

After successfully placing an order, you will be transferred to the Payment page for payment and
your Inbox should have a new email from us which will have a link to your order. This link can be used to check the progress on the order.

If you have not received an email from us (, you may want to check your Junk Mail settings.

Step 8 - Payment Method

Select your preferred payment method.

If you are paying with a credit card, it is recommended that you use the PayPal payment method.

If you have the funds available in your bank account, it is preferred that you use the Bank Deposit payment method.

International customers are not permitted to use PayPal. Bank Transfer only.

Pending (New Order)
- Order has been created and staff members are awaiting payment before any further action will be taken. This order may be automatically cancelled if payment has not been made by a specific time scale.
Processing (See order notes)
- Payment may or may have not cleared or the order hasn't been dealt with yet.
Order Complete & Dispatched
- Order has been paid for and dispatched. Goods should arrive shortly. Tracking information may be available.
Declined (See order notes)
- Order has been declined. More information may be available in the order notes.
Failed Fraud Review
- Payment for the order has failed external/internal fraud review.
- Order has been cancelled. Reasons for order cancellation should show in your order notes. Please note that new orders which have not been paid for within a certain time scale may automatically be cancelled.

If you encounter any issues with our checkout system, Please feel free to Contact Us.