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Gizzmo - MS-IBC Boost Controller Gizzmo - MS-IBC Boost Controller
In developing the MS-IBC, the aim was to design and engineer a boost controller that would cater to the serious drag racing professional, whilst still being quite at home on the streets. We succeeded.  The MS-IBC is packed with the serious features that can be utilised in the real world of drag…
AUD $ 410.49
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Gizzmo - Dual Stage Shift Light Gizzmo - Dual Stage Shift Light
* 500 to 16,000 RPM range * Full RISC Micro-processor design * Simplistic operation, 2 buttons * 7 Matrix LED * No extras required. No knobs to turn, * no wires to cut, no pills to buy * 16bit counting resolution * Super small dimensions * Supplied complete with loom * Accessories 3 …
AUD $ 263.81
AUD $ 178.34
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Gizzmo - Launch Interface Gizzmo - Launch Interface
Gizzmo's launch Interface integrates with the Gizzmo - Tach Recall Shiftlight Shiftlight to enable the fully adjustable launch control function. The launch control function induces sequential misfire events at the desired rpm set by the user. In a turbo application, having the throttle …
AUD $ 263.98
AUD $ 239.98
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Gizzmo - K-mon Sensor Kit Gizzmo - K-mon Sensor Kit
Additional Knock sensor & loom
AUD $ 251.98
AUD $ 238.66
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Gizzmo - K-mon Knock Monitor Gizzmo - K-mon Knock Monitor
* 2 Independent Audio Output Channels * 2 independent Knock Input Channels * Each knock channel has configurable Sensitivity, Centre frequency, Bandpass width * Real-time Audio / Visual monitoring for each channel * Configurable Knock Warning levels for each channel * Real-time replay of data…
AUD $ 1954.88
AUD $ 1865.14
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