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G-Force - Eliminator X Helmet G-Force - Eliminator X Helmet
The Eliminator X is G-FORCE Racing Gear’s SNELL, M2005 rated helmet for the racer that takes pride in both value and good looks. The Eliminiator X has all the same great features as the Eliminator but the shell is coated with deep, rich white or black gloss paint, covered with flame and ch…
AUD $ 369.34
AUD $ 340.57
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G-Force - Eliminator Helmet G-Force - Eliminator Helmet
The outer contact shell is made from a low density, lightweight Z38 fiberglass, carbon and Kevlar composite blend. The rear of the helmet is accented with double ridge lines that add both style and strength to the Eliminator’s shell. Reinforced mounting points for the Hans Helmet Restraint Dev…
AUD $ 316.57
AUD $ 283.80
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