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  • CARBING – Strut Tower Bar – Nissan 200SX/Silvia S14/S15 – Front

CARBING – Strut Tower Bar – Nissan 200SX/Silvia S14/S15 – Front

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Strut Tower Bar is a standard item for body reinforcement. It will stabilise suspension’s behaviour by preventing body from twisting at cornering. This is particularly effective with old models. Fitting a Strut Tower Bar to front section of a car will improve steering response. And also improves controllability of the car when fitted at the rear section as rear section’s behavior becomes more recognizable.Installations of these are easy, prices are reasonable, and most of all it enhances your car’s appearance.It is known that aluminium is softer than steel. By increasing wall thickness, as well as the thickness of the bracket section, CARBING is able to create a unique strut bar with the strength of steel, but the weight of aluminium. CARBING strut bars are fully welded, creating extremely high rigidity and reducing weight. Every single product is hand welding by skilled welders.As a result CARBING strut bars are some of the most beautiful looking and superb quality strut bars. Bracket thickness is 4.55.0mm that thickness makes enough strength and rigidity.Bracket’s back-surface is same shape as strut tower’s top-end. Between strut tower and strut bar’s base plate there is no space because we measured each car for each product. Application List * Nissan 200SX S14* Nissan Silvia S15

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