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The Ezy-FLASH Prois the newest and best way to “Flash” a modified tune into yourvehicle's ECU. This handheld plug-in system has the capacity to storemultiple programs, including the original factory program.Live data display, high speed logging as well astrouble code reading and clearing are all features of the Ezy-FLASHPro. Plus the user can also completely un-install the Ezy-FLASH Pro andreturn the original tune the the vehicle's ECU at any time, as oftenas needed.Product includes Ezy-FLASH Pro,programming cables, Quick Start Guide, USB cable, Tune Managersoftware, User Manual and Warranty. ChipTorque offer performance tunesets for all Ezy-FLASH Pro models to suit standard and modifiedvehicles. Often tune sets are provided pre-installed in the Ezy-FLASHPro for mail order supply and installation by the vehicle owner or atyour local automotive shop or dyno tuner. Tune sets are setup for thespecific vehicle make, model, transmission type and aftermarketenhancements.ChipTorque's tune set for each vehicle normally comprises of the following tune variations: Stock / Base – Standard Subaru tuneAnti-theft -This is a security tune that will not allow your engine to start. Thisis a great option to use when parking your vehicle long term. Reflashto any other tune using your Ezy-FLASH unit to get your vehicle tostart and run again.Valet – This isa limited, reduced power tune which will usually have either a 50%throttle limit or 3,500rpm rev limit as well as a 115km/hr speedlimiter. This is handy for instances where you are leaving yourvehicle in someone else's hands. They'll be able to operate yourvehicle in valet mode, without being able to give it any stick.95 Octane fuel performance – Performance tune setup for use with 95RON fuel.98 Octane fuel low boost performance- Lower boost performance tune normally set at the factory boostlevel or slightly higher and suitable for use with 98RON fuel.98 Octane fuel high boost performance- Peak performance tune setup at an optimal boost level for yourvehicle's level of modification and suitable for use with 98RON fuel. Alternatively the Ezy-FLASH Pro canbe supplied blank (hardware only) without a tune set for customtuning by your local dyno tuner. Tune sets can also be purchased forinstallation into an existing Ezy-FLASH Pro from ChipTorque. These canbe emailed to you for installation using Tune Manager software, or canbe uploaded into your Ezy-FLASH Pro by ChipTorque or one of theirdealers.Ezy-FLASH Pro is the latest model in the Ezy-FLASHproduct range. It is currently available for Subaru model vehicleswith separate models coming soon to support for Mitsubishi and Mazda.Ezy-FLASH Pro is supplied with the ability to function fully with anysupported Subaru vehicle. There are 3 Subaru ECU styles supported byEzy-FLASH Pro. Ezy-FLASH Pro comes pre-installed with a single licensewhich may be applied to either ECU style. This license applies to thefirst vehicle type the Ezy-FLASH Pro is locked to. Ezy-FLASH Pro can beused on any other vehicles that have the same ECU style.WRX/STi MY01-05 (Throttle Cable control)WRX/STi/FXT/LGT MY04-07 (Drive By Wire, serial reflashing)WRX/STi/FXT/LGT MY08-10 (Drive By Wire, CAN reflashing) The year model overlaps are a guide only, since this varies between sales regions.Before the Ezy-FLASH Pro can be used on vehicles with adifferent ECU style, a new license must be installed. ContactChipTorque for information on purchasing additional licenses ifrequired.Tune Manager is a software package that accompaniesEzy-FLASH Pro. This allows the user to perform functions such assetting high speed log parameters, viewing high speed data logs,performing firmware updates and creating or adding tune sets to theEzy-FLASH.Tune Manager versions are specific to the Ezy-FLASHPro model and are all downloadable from our website. This softwarepackage enables the user to setup log parameters, download and viewlogged data, perform Ezy-FLASHPro updates including firmware updatesand add Tune sets. Tune Manager Pro Licenced tuning software is comingvery soon to enable dyno tuners to upload their own dyno tunes into theEzy-FLASH Pro product. Tune Manager is also compatible with existingROM editing software, so if you chose to make your own ROM edits youcan group them and upload into the Ezy-FLASH Pro using Tune Manager.The benefits of providing Tunes through Ezy-FLASH Pro mean you canretain the original tune, select multiple tunes and for dyno tunersthis method protects their Intellectual Property through Tune Managerand additional optional password protection.About Performance Metrics Performance Metrics is the newest feature added to theEzy-FLASH Pro. This uses the vehicle speed reading over OBDII toestimate several metrics, including:•60’, 100’, 330’, 1000’ ft times and speeds •1/8 mile, ¼ mile times and speeds •0-50km p/hr, 0-60 mls p/hr, and 0-100km p/hr times and distancesUsing this feature is as simple as connecting theEzy-FLASH Pro to your vehicle with the OBDII cable and selecting menuoption 4. The Ezy-FLASH Pro will begin recording the performance metricsdata as soon as it registers vehicle speed and this can be reviewed onthe Ezy-FLASH LCD screen with the option to save the data for reviewwith Tune Manager software. All existing Ezy-FLASH Pro users can add this feature byperforming a Firmware update using Tune Manager. Please note that theEzy-FLASH Pro Main Menu items 4,5,6 have been shuffled down to 5,6,7 tomake room for the new Performance Main Menu item (4). Important Disclaimer: 1. Never view or operate the Ezy-FLASH while the vehicle is in motion2. Accuracy is not guaranteed. Measurement relies solelyon the vehicle speed parameter read from the ECU. On some ECUs thisparameter updates fairly slowly reducing the accuracy of the performancemetrics measurements. For mail order Ezy-FLASH Pro or Tune set supply, we would require the following information:Vehicle make / model / transmission type / modification detailsFor email supply of a Tune set for an existing Ezy-FLASH Pro, provide the Ezy-FLASH Pro serial number.Optional information would be:Initial ROM (read from the vehicle and emailed throughto ChipTorque using the Ezy-FLASH Pro and Tune Manager software)Ezy-FLASH Pro data logDyno graph including AFR. Application List* Subaru Impreza WRXSTi MY06-07 2.5L Turbo* Subaru Impreza WRX MY06-07 2.5L Turbo * Subaru Impreza WRXSTi MY03-05 2.0L Turbo * Subaru Impreza WRX MY03-05 2.0L Turbo

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