ChipTorque – XFlash2 – Ford Explorer V6 & V8

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ChipTorque's XFlash2 is an engine management tool designed to give you the ability to reprogram your vehicle via the factory OBD-IIdiagnostic port.Use up to three preset performance programs created by ChipTorque's experienced programers, or customise your tunes to suit different fuel types, boost levels, rev limit, speed limit, and shift points to suit your vehicle's unique modifications. Your Ford Factory Program is also retained inside XFlash2 unit and can be reinstalled at any time.Features* Full control of your factory engine management system* No physical modifications to your vehicle* Customised programs to suit your vehicle* Retain your ford factory program* Up to 3 seperate performance programs* User friendly program installation* Live High Speed data logging – Now you can data log all of your vehicles PCM parameters and view them on your Windows based computer using SCT's Live Link Software. NEW!* Read / Clear and Diagnose DTC Trouble Code / Check Engine Lights. NEW!Application List* Ford Explorer V6 & V8XFlash2 with 1 Performance Tune – $895XFlash2 with 2 Performance Tunes – $995XFlash2 with 3 Performance Tunes – $1095

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