GFB – Skyline Stealth FX Blow Off Valve (R33/R34)

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The world's first ADJUSTABLE NOISE BOV – for streetor track conditions at a twist of the wrist!Up until now, making your machine quiet for normal streetuse, has meant pulling your BOV off and putting it back onwhen you want that blow-off noise. Not surprisingly, it'sbeen every enthusiasts dream to have a superbly engineeredBOV that has absolute maximum throttle response and powerin Full Blast mode for the track … and with a flick of thewrist, runs quietly for the street.Called the Stealth FX, this amazing breakthrough is now areality, the latest in a string of Aussie innovations fromSydney-based hybrid technology experts, GO FAST BITS. It is,as its name implies, the ULTIMATE performance breakthroughin BOV technology, pioneered in the GFB R&D lab.By utilising a unique air diverting system you control exactlyhow much air you dump to the atmosphere for noise, or theinlet for silence. By sending the vented air back to the inlet(rather than muffling it), there is no restriction and thevalve still operates at maximum efficiency. For cars withsensitive air flow meters, the valve can be tuned to ventjust enough air back to the inlet to prevent backfiring whilstgiving the loudest possible blow-off noise. No more guessingwhich valve will work on your car – this one will do it all!Now available to suit the R33 Nissan Skyline GTS-T,and Mitsubishi Eclipse 1st generation.The versatility of the Stealth FX, combined with the qualityfit of a factory component makes this valve the only logicalchoice.Hear it for yourself..Hot4s Review Available in Red, Blue, Silver and Black.

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