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  • JMF – Intake Plenum Manifold – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 4-9 (Race Version)

JMF – Intake Plenum Manifold – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 4-9 (Race Version)

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In tradition of our high quality power proven, yet quite affordable products comes the latest option for Mitsubishi Evolution 7/8/9 intake manifolds. Just as our DSM and SRT-4 manifolds have increased power on many of customer cars, be certain that the same will happen with your Evo and this intake manifold. Introducing our aluminum sheetmetal intake manifold. These are hand made, TIG welded from high quality 6061 T6 aluminum. The flanges are all CNC machined and surfaced for precise fitment and a leak free seal. Each plenum is press bent to reduce the number of welds which will assure maximum strength under high boost applications. The plenum measures 16" long by 4 1/4" deep, the plenum also features a 1" taper design to even out the airflow, with a runner length of 5 1/4". Velocity stacks are CNC machined into each plenum bottom to improve airflow by 10-15%. The vacuum ports are placed on the underside of the plenum for a clean professional look. They are available unpolished or with a mirror like polish. Each manifold comes with a custom made SS dipstick tube. Some modifications to your upper intercooler pipes may be needed as this manifold sits down a lot lower then stock. If using the Accufab and other aftermarket throttle bodies, please note that the throttle cable and TPS sensors may need modifying. This manifold will also eliminate your EGR system so if you are not running a stand alone engine management most likely you will receive a CEL due to the eliminated EGR. An ECU flash is in the works to eliminate this error code. Expected gains can be anywhere from 10-45 HP depending upon your setup!Why believe hype when you can see actual dyno results that this manifold works?A local Evo specialist shop nearby in the tri-state area did some testing on one of their customer cars and we were more than excited when we saw the results. The test vehicle was an ’06 Evo 9 MR, stock bottom end, Turbo Trix Racing 280 cams, 1000cc injectors, Walbro pump, TTR 50 trim kit & IC piping kit, SMC alky kit being ran on all runs and AEM EMS for engine management. The runs were done back to back, same day—same dyno—same boost (32psi), with only the intake manifold being swapped out. Prior to our intake manifold install, the car was fine tuned to an impressive 494.5hp, 441.28 ft/tq which is extremely rare to see a 50 trim car making such power. With our intake manifold bolted on, the car spun the rollers to an even more impressive 512.39hp and 461.4 ft/tq ! Horsepower was ABOVE the stock intake manifold graph virtually the entire run too, starting at 3500—just see the graph below for yourself. You may think 18 peak hp and 20 ft/tq isn’t really all that much, but also keep in mind that this car was practically maxed out on it’s current setup. At mid-range RPMs the gains were even larger increasing power by 41hp! Put this on a 35r or larger turbo’ed car that loves to pump a lot of volume and breathe up top and expect 1.5-2 times those gains! We’ve seen it with the DSM’s, and know this is possible.So if you’re ready to step it up and make the most out of your current Evo mods, then consider swapping out that tiny restrictive intake manifold for a JMF sheet metal intake. It’s proven power!Weight: 7.5 lbsHeight: 9 inchWidth: 16 inchWarrantyThis item carries a 1 year warranty against any material defects and a 3 year warranty against any weld defects. Any damage caused by a nitrous explosion or improper installation will void all warranties. Video Application List* Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 4* Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 5* Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 6* Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7* Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8* Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9

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