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An internal combustion engine requires three key ingredients to operate: air, fuel and spark. A spark plug is a critical engine component that provides the spark that ignites the air-fuel mixture that drives an engine.A spark plug operates by directing electrical current to flow through a centre electrode, forming a spark across an electrode (or air) gap, completing the circuit to a ground electrode. The centre electrode is surrounded by a ceramic insulator which is non-conductive preventing current leakage and ensuring electricity flows in the desired direction. Follow the 3 simple steps below to determine the spark plug you need.Step 1..Search for your spark plug on the following NGKdatabase: I've got a 09/05 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9 with a Turbocharged 2.0L MIVEC4G63. After performing the NGKSpark Plug search, NGK Recommends Iuse 'ILFR7H'.Step 2..Determine the spark plug type using the tables below. ExampleUsing the NGK Part Numbering System below, 'ILFR7H' does not work with the first table, but works with the second table, and it says.I: IridiumL: Long thread reach spark plugF: Ø14x19mmR: Resistor type7: Heat Range of 7H: Suffix codeStep 3..Select your spark plug type below, along with the quantity, specify the NGKpart number below.ExampleNow that we know its an Iridum Spark Plug, I will go ahead and select this spark plug type below along with how many Ineed. The 4G63 engine is a 4 cylinder engine so I'll need 4.If at any time you need help, do not hesitate to contact us, we'd be glad to be of assistance.

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