Projecta – 900AMP 12V Jumpstarter

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"Gives you the freedom to have car starting power anytime, anywhere and keeps you on the move. Also a convenient source of mobile 12V power."Features12V 17Ah Premium Sealed AGM BatteryThe PS800P uses a premium sealed battery so you don’t need to worry about it spilling. The battery has been specially designed for jumpstarting and improved cranking ability.Jump Starting Power & Longer LeadsDon’t ever be stranded again. The latest battery technology ensures heaps of power to get you going when your vehicle battery lets you down. The PS800P has longer leads for easier connection to batteries. Suitable for starting petrol engines.Polarity Alarm and Surge ProtectionFeatures built-in reverse polarity alarm for increased safety and surge protection so you can safely jump start vehicles with EFI and computer management systems.Portable PowerThe cigarette lighter socket allows the powering of camping lights, radios, CD players and computers. The socket is overload protected by an automatic reset circuit breaker.Automatic 240V/12V RechargingCan be recharged from 240V mains power or a 12V cigarette lighter socket. Features automatic charge control so you can leave connected without risk of overcharging.SpecificationsPART NO.PS800PINTERNAL BATTERY17Ah AGMRECHARGE TIMES12V 2-3 hours240V 22-30 hoursWEIGHT8.0kgOUTPUT900A Peak, 400A Cranking AmpsBATTERY RANGE200-450CCARUN TIME16 hours on 13W fluorescentcamping lampAPPROVALS Electrical Safety, EMC

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