TOMEI – Adjustable Cam Pulleys – 4G63 EVO I,II,III

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Super lightweight 100% DuraluminDuralumin is alloy of aluminum (over 90%) with copper (about 4%), magnesium (0.5%-1%), and manganese (less than l%). Before a final heat treatment the alloy is ductile and malleable; after heat treatment a reaction between the aluminum and magnesium produces increased hardness and tensile strength. Because of its lightness and other desirable physical properties, duralumin is widely used in the aircraft industry. material of both pulley part of an outer, and an inner plate portion to realize super-lightweight body.Super-high durability By coating with hard almite on the surface, durability of the pulley have raised dramatically. It can easily be used for the drag racing cars that exceed 1000horse power and 10000RPM.Designed only for each IN and EX pulleys With individual design of IN and EX, the adjustment part of both IN and EX pulley comes to its top when the engines TDC for easier valve timing adjustment. Extreme high precision Pulley and inner plate were curved from material. Especially for pulley gear, we succeeded in giving extreme high precision to its shape that realizes certain transfer of drive from timing belt. Works and looks great in engine room We choose duralumin as the material and give it an almite coating. Also, we designed the pulley for the better operation. The color of the pulley is showing the strength of hard almite. Simple adjustment scale Considering actual circumstances at where it might be used, we applied simple adjustment scale. Since adjustment is easy, it can respond also to an unexpected arrangement changeType* Sliding typeGear Material* DuraluminPulley Material* DuraluminWeight* 497g EACHSuits* Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution I – 4G63 * Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution II – 4G63 * Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III – 4G63

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