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TOMEI – Camshafts – RB26DETT R32 R33 R34 (Procam or Poncam)

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BRAND NEW set of cams for any of the RB26DETT engines. You can pick between the 'PROCAM' series or the 'PONCAM' series and any of the listed lift/duration combinations that TOMEI offers on these cams.Please inform us of your desired specs/part number upon ordering. Some of these cams are special order cams, very popular and are not in stock on a daily basis due to high demand.If you would like Poncam, Please advise us during the checkout process which one you require from the short list below for your vehicle.PONCAM RB26(BNR32/BCNR33) TYPE-A143036PONCAM RB26(BNR34) TYPE-A143037PONCAM RB26(BNR32/BCNR33) TYPE-B143005PONCAM RB26(BNR34) TYPE-B143018PONCAM RB26(BNR32/BCNR33) TYPE-R143051PONCAM RB26(BNR34) TYPE-R143052If you would like Procam, Please advise us during the checkout process which Exhaust & Intake camshaft you require from the list below.PROCAM RB26DETT IN 252-9.15mm1421252091PROCAM RB26 R32/R33 EX 252-9.15mm1422252091PROCAM RB26/RB25 R34 EX 252-9.15mm1426252091PROCAM RB26DETT IN 256-9.25mm1421256092PROCAM RB26 R32/R33 EX 256-9.25mm1422256092PROCAM RB26DETT BNR34 EX 256-9.25mm1426256092PROCAM RB26DETT IN 260-9.15mm1421260091PROCAM RB26 R32/R33 EX 260-9.15mm1422260091PROCAM RB26/RB25 R34 EX 260-9.15mm1426260091PROCAM RB26DETT IN 260-10.25mm1421260102PROCAM RB26 R32/R33 EX 260-10.25mm1422260102PROCAM RB26/25 R34/R33 EX 260-10.251426260102PROCAM RB26DETT IN 260-10.8mm1421260108PROCAM RB26 R32/R33 EX 260-10.8mm1422260108PROCAM RB26DETT BNR34 EX 260-10.8mm1426260108PROCAM RB26DETT IN 270-10.25mm1421270102PROCAM RB26 R32/R33 EX 270-10.25mm1422270102PROCAM RB26/25 R34/R33 EX 270-10.251426270102PROCAM RB26DETT IN 270-10.8mm1421270108PROCAM RB26 R32/R33 EX 270-10.8mm1422270108PROCAM RB26 R34 EX 270-10.81426270108PROCAM RB26DETT IN 280-10.8mm1421280108PROCAM RB26 R32/R33 EX 280-10.8mm1422280108PROCAM RB26DETT BNR34 EX 280-10.8mm1426280108PROCAM RB26DETT IN 280-11.5mm1421280115PROCAM RB26 R32/R33 EX 280-11.5mm1422280115PROCAM RB26DETT BNR34 EX 280-11.5mm1426280115PROCAM RB26DETT IN 290-11.5mm1421290115PROCAM RB26 R32/R33 EX 290-11.5mm1422290115PROCAM RB26DETT BNR34 EX 290-11.5mm1426290115

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