AutoLoc – Dual Flame Thrower Kit

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Shoots Up To 20 Feet of Flames!This sizzling product can make up to 20 feet of flames shoot from your exhaust tips with a touch of a button! The kit’s main control box can control 2 spark plugs for optimal performance on dual-exhaust vehicles. Easy installation and detailed instructions ensure compatibility with most exhaust systems. The kit includes a control box, activation button, wire loom, and wiring diagram. The kit does not include the 2 coils and 2 spark plugs needed for complete installation. These kits are designed for carbureted vehicles, but can be used on fuel injected vehicles with additional modifications and parts.Universal Flame Thrower DesignAutoloc's™ advanced flame control architecture allows for the unit to work on all gas-powered vehicles, which is ideal for vehicles with carburetors or fuel injection systems.Built-in Flame Thrower Safety SystemAutoloc's™ built-in safety switch cover guaranties you and your vehicles safety from accidental firing. Unlike other systems on the market that can be triggered by accidentally pushing the button, or dropping something direct on the button. What The Pros UseWhen it comes to the best the pros always choose Autoloc™ Flame Thrower Kits as seen on all major TV shows and movies.Flame Thrower Blister Package and Easy Installation Flame Control SystemAutoloc™ advance flame control system makes installation a snap on all vehicles. Autoloc's unique plug n play harness and flame control output reduces wiring and installation time. Step by step detailed instructions are also included to make installation a breeze, even for the weekend mechanic.

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