HDi – Hybrid X1 Intercooler Kit – Subaru Impreza WRX GDB (MY01-07)

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Unleash unrivaled performance with our HDi front mount intercooler, the gold standard in cooling systems. Specially crafted for the latest Subaru WRX and STI engines, our SIR-X intercooler boasts a compact design with an oversized core (580mmX210mmX100mm). Experience minimal turbo lag and optimal throttle response, thanks to dual cross-flow pipe work. Our high-flow bar and plate race core deliver over 980cfm, ensuring maximum airflow efficiency for streets and strips. Safety is a priority with its unique design, seamlessly fitting within the factory front reinforcement. Elevate your Subaru Impreza WRX GDB Ver VIII, IX (MY01-07) with this complete kit, and for a limited time, enjoy a free Cold Air Induction Kit included!

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“Experience superior performance with our leading HDi front mount intercooler, setting the benchmark for intercooler systems. Our cutting-edge design boasts ultra-high flow and efficiency, surpassing industry standards. The newly launched SIR-X front mount intercooler system is tailor-made for the high-performance Subaru WRX and STI engines of today. Its specialized cross fins high-flow core not only optimizes airflow but also fits seamlessly within the factory front reinforcement’s confined space, despite its substantial size (Core: 580mmX210mmX100mm). Crafted for optimal throttle response, this intercooler ensures maximum flow and cooling efficiency with minimal turbo lag.

The HDi intercooler kit incorporates dual cross-flow pipe work, minimizing bends and reducing piping length to decrease turbo lag and enhance efficiency. Compared to standard models, our tests showcased an impressive 1.6-second acceleration improvement (50km-140km), translating to approximately 25-30 meters ahead of the standard WRX in acceleration tests at the same 1 bar boost level. With a specially engineered high-flow bar and plate race core allowing over 980cfm of high-pressure airflow, this kit guarantees the capacity needed for both street and strip performance.

Safety is paramount with our design. The special cross fins high-flow core not only enhances airflow but also perfectly fits into limited spaces behind the factory front reinforcement. Despite its substantial size, our design maintains optimal throttle response, ensuring seamless flow and exceptional cooling efficiency with minimal turbo lag. This comprehensive kit isn’t just an intercooler; it’s an enhancement for your Subaru Impreza WRX GDB Ver VIII, IX (MY01-07). As a limited-time offer, enjoy a free Cold Air Induction Kit included!”


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