Defi – Defi-Link Meter BF – Manifold Pressure (60mm)

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Explore the world of precision and style with Defi-Link Meters?a lineup of electronic gauges renowned for their high response and refined design. Seamlessly connecting to the Defi-Link Control Unit II through the innovative Defi-Link System, these gauges offer seamless integration and control for up to 7 meters. The BF gauges, known for their sleek appearance, feature a unique off-display mode, turning off all lettering and needles when not in use. With customizable brightness levels, driving data storage, and a double warning function, Defi-Link Meters provide a sophisticated solution for 12V vehicles. Elevate your driving experience with Defi-Link Meters?a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.

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Discover the cutting-edge precision and sleek aesthetics of Defi-Link Meters, electronic gauges designed for high responsiveness and refined style. These gauges seamlessly integrate with the Defi-Link Control Unit II, allowing the connection and control of up to 7 gauges through the innovative Defi-Link System. The BF gauges boast a visually stunning feature?when turned off, they display no visible lettering or needles. The Defi-Link System employs a ‘DAISY CHAIN’ wiring system for easy attachment to the Control Unit II. With the ignition off, gauge dials remain invisible, but upon ignition activation, a clear display with white LED illumination enhances visibility, complemented by a red emitting needle pointer. The gauges offer a customizable experience with 10 stages of brightness, adjustable for both day and night driving. Driving data can be stored and replayed up to 3 minutes, accompanied by a double warning function through LED lamps and beeps. When connected to Defi-Link Indicators, they blink in sync with any warning LED lights on the gauges. For advanced monitoring, the gauge system can indicate the differential pressure between fuel pressure and turbo if both corresponding meters are installed. Note that the Defi-Link Control Unit II is essential for operating Defi-Link Meter BF, and the meter is specifically designed for 12V vehicles. Elevate your driving experience with Defi-Link Meters?a perfect fusion of form and function.


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