GruppeM – RAM Intake System – Alfa Romeo 155 Twin Spark 16v 2.0L

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Discover the pinnacle of performance with our specially crafted Carbon Duct Case for the 155 TWINSPARK. Our RAM AIR SYSTEM optimizes engine room space, effectively reducing heat and introducing cool air for enhanced power and torque. The High-End Intake Systems, showcased at [link], seamlessly integrate conical air filters, custom carbon intakes, and a four-layer cotton filter for unparalleled performance. Our Carbon Intake Duct isolates engine steam, while the quick-release center clamp ensures easy maintenance. With a focus on precision and individualized design, our fitting adapters allow a bolt-on installation for various vehicle models, including the Alfa Romeo 155 Twin Spark 16v 2.0L (95-98). Elevate your driving experience with our cutting-edge solutions. Please note, Special Orders may take up to 3 weeks for delivery.

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Introducing our specialized carbon duct case meticulously crafted for the 155 TWINSPARK, we present the cutting-edge RAM AIR SYSTEM, ingeniously designed to optimize the available space within the 155 TWINSPARK engine room. This revolutionary system not only effectively curtails heat temperatures within the engine room but also channels invigorating cool air from the front section. The RAM AIR SYSTEM outperforms stock intakes, delivering enhanced torque and maximum power across a broader RPM spectrum, resulting in a noticeably improved acceleration experience accompanied by a spirited intake sound.

Explore the details of our High-End Intake Systems at [link], a pinnacle of uncompromising craftsmanship that harmonizes various elements for optimal air intake system performance. The conical air filter, strategically positioned within the inner and outer layers of the center cone, adeptly controls air turbulences, accelerating airflow speed. Custom-designed carbon intakes cater to individual car specifications, incorporating features like heat insulation and air-cooling to synergistically enhance overall unit performance.

Our Carbon Intake Duct serves the dual purpose of isolating engine steam and delivering cool air to the filter, functioning as an air chamber designed with precision to match each model’s characteristics. A quick-release center clamp facilitates easy maintenance, while center cones installed in filter tops and inners enhance air-intake rectification. The high-dimensional four-layer cotton filter, employing natural cotton layers reinforced with stainless steel mesh, ensures efficient filtration and maintains an enlarged air-intake area. The accordion-shaped wet-type filter, utilizing special oil, controls deformation due to negative pressure, while the grid structure refines air-intake during filtration.

The Lower Case & Lower Clamp, equipped with a funnel ring (excluding some models), prioritize intake performance. Specially designed fitting adapters for each vehicle model allow seamless bolt-on installation, emphasizing individualized precision. Check our Application List for compatibility, including the Alfa Romeo 155 Twin Spark 16v 2.0L (95-98). Please note that Special Orders may take up to 3 weeks for delivery, promising an unparalleled environment to unlock the full potential of your machinery.


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