GruppeM – RAM Intake System – BMW E46 320i/323i/325i/328ci 2.0L/2.2L/2.5L/2.8L (98-05)

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Introducing our precision-engineered carbon duct case for BMW E46 320i/323i/325i/328Ci models. The RAM AIR SYSTEM optimizes your engine room, reducing heat and ensuring a steady flow of cool air. Experience enhanced torque and maximum power across RPM ranges, outperforming stock intakes for improved acceleration and an assertive intake sound. Our High-End Intake System, crafted without compromise, promises optimal performance with a bolt-on installation using specially designed fitting adapters. Elevate your driving experience with a custom-made carbon intake duct, quick-release center clamps, and a four-layer cotton filter. Compatible with specific BMW models, this system unlocks your machinery’s full potential. Special orders may take up to 3 weeks for delivery. Discover more at [link:].

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Introducing our meticulously crafted carbon duct case tailored for BMW E46 320i/323i/325i/328Ci models, the RAM AIR SYSTEM optimizes the engine room, effectively curbing heat buildup while channeling a consistent flow of cool, fresh air from the front section. Designed to enhance torque and unleash maximum power across mid to high-range RPMs, this system outperforms stock intakes, promising heightened acceleration and an assertive intake sound.

Discover more at [link:]. This top-tier “High-End Intake System” is engineered without compromise, maximizing overall air intake performance as a unified powerhouse. Its conical air filter, strategically positioned within a specialized inner and outer center cone, regulates airflow, accelerating its speed by mitigating air turbulences.

Each custom-made carbon intake aligns precisely with individual car specifications, incorporating mechanisms for heat insulation and air-cooling. These elements synergize to optimize the system’s performance. The High-End Intake System guarantees an optimal environment, unlocking your machinery’s full potential.

This innovative system boasts a bolt-on installation using specially designed fitting adapters. The carbon intake duct acts as an air chamber, isolating engine steam while directing cool air to the filter, prioritizing intake efficiency. Quick-release center clamps enhance maintenance, while the inclusion of center cones further refines air-intake rectification within the filter.

The four-layer cotton filter, fortified with stainless steel mesh, maintains an expanded air-intake area while regulating deformation under negative pressure. With a grid structure, it rectifies air-intake while effectively filtering impurities.

The lower case and clamp, along with the funnel ring on the adapter (with exceptions in some models), exemplify our commitment to optimizing intake performance. Each vehicle-specific fitting adapter, meticulously designed, ensures a seamless fit.

Compatible with:

BMW E46 320i 2.0L (99-00)
BMW E46 323i 2.2L (98-05)
BMW E46 325i 2.5L (98-05)
BMW E46 328ci 2.8L (98-05)
Please note: Special orders may require up to 3 weeks for delivery to your doorstep.

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