GruppeM – RAM Intake System – BMW E82 135i 3.0L

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Elevate your engine’s power with our precision-designed carbon air box, maximizing capacity and airflow. Our ‘High-End Intake Systems’ promise peak performance with features like a conical air filter, custom carbon intake ducts, and a four-layer cotton filter. Quick-release clamps and specially designed fitting adapters ensure easy installation and maintenance. Unleash your machine’s full potential?visit [Your Website URL] to explore our High-End Intake Systems, ideal for BMW E82 135i 3.0L (08-) and more. Special orders may take up to 3 weeks for delivery.

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“Experience peak engine performance with our meticulously designed carbon air box, maximizing your engine room’s capacity. The expansive introductory duct ensures abundant airflow, facilitated by an exclusive aluminum plate strategically placed in the air feed port of the front grille. This design channels a direct run wind, optimizing power gains across all revolutions, with a notable boost starting from the 4,800 rpm range.

Discover the ideal intake environment for unleashing your machine’s full potential at [Your Website URL]. Our ‘High-End Intake Systems’ are crafted without compromise, serving as a comprehensive unit to elevate overall air intake performance. The conical air filter, positioned within the inner and outer layers of the center cone, minimizes air turbulence, accelerating airflow speed.

Customized for individual car specifications, our carbon intake systems incorporate features like heat insulation and air-cooling, working in synergy for superlative performance. Easily bolt-on with specially designed fitting adapters, our High-End Intake Systems boast quick-release center clamps for improved maintenance. The carbon intake duct efficiently isolates engine steam, delivering cool air to the filter, while the center cones enhance air-intake rectification.

Our high-dimensional four-layer cotton filter, reinforced with stainless steel mesh, ensures longevity and optimal air filtration. The accordion-shaped wet-type filter maintains an enlarged air-intake area, rectifying air-intake with precision.

Priority is given to intake performance with the inclusion of a funneling ring on the adapter for some models. Specially designed fitting adaptors cater to various vehicle models, ensuring a seamless bolt-on application. Check our Application List for compatibility, including the BMW E82 135i 3.0L (08-). Please note that some models may require a special order with a delivery time of up to 3 weeks.

Visit us at [Your Website URL] to transform your machine’s performance with our High-End Intake Systems.”


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