GruppeM – RAM Intake System – BMW E90/E91 320i 2.0L (05-07)

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Introducing our Carbon Duct Case designed for the BMW E90/91 320i. Our RAM AIR SYSTEM maximizes engine space, reducing heat and introducing cool air for enhanced torque and power. Experience improved acceleration and an aggressive intake sound. Our “High-End Intake Systems” ensure peak performance, featuring a conical air filter, custom carbon intakes, and a quick-release clamp for easy maintenance. The Carbon Intake Duct isolates engine steam, while the lower case and clamp, along with a funnel ring, prioritize intake performance. Fitting Adaptors for specific models ensure easy installation. Elevate your BMW E90/91 320i’s performance with our cutting-edge intake solutions. [Link]

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Introducing our exclusive Carbon Duct Case tailored for the BMW E90/91 320i, the RAM AIR SYSTEM optimizes the engine space by utilizing the maximum available room. Effectively reducing heat levels within the engine compartment, this system channels cool, fresh air from the front section, enhancing torque and delivering maximum power across the RPM range compared to the stock intake. Experience improved acceleration and a more aggressive intake sound. Learn more about this groundbreaking technology at [link]. Crafted to perfection, our “High-End Intake Systems” leave no room for compromise, providing an ideal intake environment to unleash your machine’s full potential. The conical air filter, strategically placed within the center cone, controls air turbulences, fostering accelerated airflow. Customized for each car model, our carbon intakes ensure optimal performance, incorporating heat insulation and air-cooling mechanisms designed for seamless synergy. Achieve the pinnacle of performance with our High-End Intake Systems. Installation is a breeze with our specially designed fitting adapter. The Carbon Intake Duct isolates engine steam, delivering cool air to the filter and functioning as an air chamber. Prioritizing intake efficiency, the shape is meticulously designed for each model. For easy maintenance, our quick-release center clamp is utilized. Center cones enhance air-intake rectification, and the high-dimensional four-layer cotton filter, reinforced with stainless steel mesh, ensures efficient filtration. The lower case and clamp, along with the funnel ring, prioritize intake performance. Our Fitting Adaptors, designed for each vehicle model, make installation a seamless process. Check the application list to see if your BMW E90/E91 320i (150ps 2.0L, 05-07) is compatible. Please note that special orders may take up to 3 weeks for delivery. Elevate your driving experience with our cutting-edge Carbon Duct Case and High-End Intake Systems.


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