GruppeM – RAM Intake System – Honda Civic Type R EP3 2.0L

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Unleash the full potential of your HONDA CIVIC with our Carbon Duct Case and advanced RAM AIR SYSTEM. Engineered for maximum space utilization in the CIVIC engine room, this system efficiently curbs heat, introducing cool, fresh air for optimal performance.

Experience heightened torque, increased power, and a distinctive intake sound, surpassing stock capabilities. Our High-End Intake Systems, detailed at link, redefine performance as a unified entity, featuring a conical air filter for controlled airflow and custom carbon intakes for individual specifications.

Easy installation with a specially designed fitting adapter ensures a seamless upgrade. Elevate your driving experience today with High-End Intake Systems, tailored for uncompromised performance. Check compatibility in our Application List, including special orders like the Honda Civic Type R EP3 2.0L (01-05). Delivery in as little as 3 weeks. Drive with power, precision, and style.

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Enhancing the performance of your HONDA CIVIC has never been more seamless with our meticulously crafted Carbon Duct Case and the cutting-edge RAM AIR SYSTEM. Our engineers have skillfully designed this system to optimize the available space in the CIVIC engine room. Say goodbye to heat-related concerns as the RAM AIR SYSTEM effectively curtails temperature build-up within the engine room, channeling cool, fresh air from the front section.

Unlock the true potential of your vehicle as the RAM AIR SYSTEM delivers increased torque and maximum power across a broad RPM range, surpassing stock intake capabilities. Experience heightened acceleration and an assertive intake sound that sets your driving experience apart.

Discover more about our revolutionary product at link, where innovation meets performance. Our top-tier “High-End Intake Systems” are meticulously crafted to maximize overall air intake system performance as a unified entity. The conical air filter, strategically placed within the center cone, optimizes airflow speed by controlling turbulences.

Each custom-made carbon intake is tailored to meet the specifications of your individual car, ensuring optimal heat insulation and air-cooling mechanisms. The result? A seamless synergy that produces superlative performance. Our High-End Intake Systems guarantee an ideal intake environment, unleashing the full potential of your machine.

Installation is a breeze with our specially designed fitting adapter, allowing you to bolt on the High-End Intake System effortlessly. The Carbon Intake Duct serves as an air chamber, isolating engine heat and delivering cool air to the filter, enhancing intake efficiency. The quick-release center clamp improves maintenance performance, while the center cone and four-layer cotton filter further refine air-intake rectification.

Our commitment to extreme intake performance is evident in the inclusion of a funneling ring on the adapter (excluding some models), prioritizing the functionality of your vehicle. Each Fitting Adaptor is uniquely designed for specific models, ensuring a perfect fit.

Check our Application List to confirm compatibility, including special orders such as the Honda Civic Type R EP3 2.0L (01-05). Please note that special orders may take up to 3 weeks for delivery to your door.

Elevate your driving experience with our High-End Intake Systems ? where form meets function for unparalleled performance.


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