TOMEI – Quad Throttle System – EJ20/EJ25

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Amazing Response from Quad Throttle Bodies, Larger Plenum Chamber for More Power!!In order to build the best EJ engine, the Tomei R&D engineers focused on a highly responsive and powerful setup that still maintained big torque figures as well. For this objective to become a reality, countless data acquisition and numerous testing was performed on the engine dynamometer. As a result, the response was like having the throttle body directly connected to the right foot, at a non-hesitant linear reaction. With the output numbers at 500 HP and 500 ft-lbs of torque, the hard work put into this setup speaks for itself. This product is a must have for EJ enthusiasts who desire to have an advantage over the rest either on the streets or at the track. Plenum Chamber FeaturesThrottle Body FeaturesOther Features * Especially designed larger capacity for power and response.* Very thin light weight casting and made in Japan!* There is added rib support internally for high boost applications.* Superb design emphasis on equal air intake distribution.Intake Port Bore φ66.5mm Outer Diameter φ70mm* The advantage of running the larger φ48mm multi-throttle bodies is increased response and power from the increased air supply with the larger intake plenum chamber.* The funnels are made from light weight aluminium for minimal air resistance.* The bolts for the throttles are designed to accomodate either size head gasket you decide to use since the boxer engines length will change in size depending on your chosen head gasket thickness.Throttle Body * Fuel Pressure Regulator is not included in the kit. Shown with the furl rail fitted Fits the stock top feed injectors. (Can take larger injectors.)You can retain the stock throttle position sensor You can retain the stock fuel pressure regulator. APPLICATIONSIZEPART NO. MSRP (USD)NOTESEJ20φ48193046$9,710Inlet Size Inside Diameter φ66.5mmOutside Diameter φ70.0mmEJ25

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