Gizzmo – K-mon Knock Monitor

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Experience precision tuning with the Gizzmo Kmon, a state-of-the-art tool featuring 2 Independent Audio Output Channels and configurable Knock Input Channels. Tailor each knock channel with adjustable Sensitivity, Centre frequency, and Bandpass width for personalized tuning. Enjoy real-time Audio/Visual monitoring, configurable Knock Warning levels, and replay data-logs on the fly. The Kmon’s user-friendly software allows independent configuration of Left and Right headphones, offering flexibility in monitoring multiple knock sensors simultaneously. With Bosch donut-type knock sensors and High-Speed USB2 interfacing, the Kmon ensures seamless integration. The package includes the Kmon Module, Knock Sensor, Headphones, and more. Elevate your tuning game with the Gizzmo Kmon ? where precision meets performance.

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The Gizzmo Kmon is a cutting-edge tuning tool designed to elevate your tuning experience. Boasting 2 Independent Audio Output Channels and 2 configurable Knock Input Channels, this device provides unprecedented control over your tuning process. Each knock channel offers customizable Sensitivity, Centre frequency, and Bandpass width, ensuring precision tuning tailored to your engine’s needs.

Real-time Audio/Visual monitoring for each channel allows you to stay informed, while Configurable Knock Warning levels provide proactive alerts. The Kmon facilitates real-time replay of data-logs for each channel, empowering you with valuable insights. Moreover, Left and Right headphones can be dedicated to separate knock channels, offering flexibility in monitoring.

The Kmon’s user-friendly software enables independent configuration of headphones, allowing you to listen to different knock sensors simultaneously. For instance, on an RB26DETT, you can assign the left headphone to the front and the right to the rear sensor, enhancing diagnostic capabilities. With two headphone jacks, it accommodates training a tuner or involving a second set of ears during the tuning process.

Utilizing Bosch donut-type knock sensors with easy 10mm threaded bolt mounting, the Kmon ensures seamless integration. The software empowers you to tailor knock channels to your motor, and the headphones can be set to remain silent until a preset warning threshold is reached, enhancing precision.

Featuring High-Speed USB2 interfacing, the Kmon is Plug & Play with no external power supply needed. The package includes the Kmon Module, Knock Sensor, Knock Sensor Loom, Headphones, Software CD, and USB2 Cable. Additionally, it offers 0V to 4.5V analog outputs per channel for recording data on external hardware like ECU’s and Dynos.

The Kmon’s internal architecture is equipped with 5 processors, including 20MHz DSP processors for knock channels, 48MHz RISC processors for control and communications, and a dedicated processor for timing alignment. External LED indicators display power, communication, and knock threshold exceedance.

In conclusion, the Gizzmo Kmon stands as a comprehensive tuning solution with advanced features, user-friendly configuration, and robust internal processing, making it an indispensable tool for tuning enthusiasts and professionals alike. Enhance your tuning precision with the Gizzmo Kmon ? the ultimate companion for optimal engine performance.


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