JUN – Super Connecting Rods – Nissan VG30DE(TT)

Nissan / Silvia / S13
Nissan / Pulsar / GTIR RNN14
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The JUN connecting rod is made by shaving in order to pursue lightness and strength, this form has no futility. The material of a connecting rod is used SCM440. And connecting rod bolts are made by ARP. If big end is transformed at the time of high rotation, a metal will burn. In order to prevent the phenomenon, it was made the form which distributes stress. The meaning of strengthening connecting rod Connecting rod is the parts which are easy to be made light of as unexpected in engine parts. However, it is also one of the most important parts. The high output of a turbo engine in recent years is surprised, and it is becoming impossible to already correspond with a stock connecting rod. As for the high response which is the maximum charm of NA engine, the weight of connecting rod influences response greatly. In addition, whole balance by the identity of a weight position, burden reduction of the crank metal by reduction of big end weight, as for a connecting rod, many performances are required. Strength of the big end Close in phenomenonThe connecting rod is pulled in the direction of length in response to the influence of piston inertia weight, and a big end is transformed. Since clearance is not kept, scorching the metal will be caused. Many cases as a trouble of connecting rod, is touching unequally of the metal or scorching. As the cause, when pulling tension force by the inertia weight of a piston affects connecting rod, a big end causes transformation as shown in the right figure. It is considered as a cause that the joint of connecting rod cap can not keep required clearance. The JUN SUPER CONNECTING ROD prevents the transformation at the time of high rotation by correcting the form of a big end and raising strength, and keeps clearance. JUN'S SUPER CONNECTING ROD SPEC.MATERIALSCM440HEAT TREATMENTQuenching and TemperingHARDNESS in HEAT TREATMENTHRC32 to 36SURFACE TREATMENTDouble shot piningBOLTMade by ARP 200,000 Psi JUN Super Connecting Rod for SR20DETJUN Super Connecting Rod for 1JZ-GTEJUN Super Connecting Rod for RB26DETTJUN Super Connecting Rod with Material JUN Super Connecting RodsEngineSpecifications (unit: mm, g)Part #RemarksSmall EndBig EndCenter Dist.WeightNISSANVQ35DE——-.—–1002M-N006VQ35DE- for 3.8L crankshaft——-.—–1002M-N005Use with 3.8L JUN CrankshaftVG30DE(TT)2253154.155581002M-N003RB26DETT2151121.55161002M-N001SR20DET2251136.35261002M-N002*2TOYOTA2JZ-GTE22551425981002M-T0051JZ-GTE2255125.255701002M-T0073S-GTE22511385781002M-T0023S-GTEfor 2.2L kit 22511385681002M-T0034A-GE20451224221002M-T001AE92 latest or later2T-G22511234781002M-T004HONDAB16A2148134.34681002M-H006*1B18C2148137.94501002M-H007*1H22A22511435081002M-H005*1K20A———-1002M-H009*1MITSUBISHI4G6322481505561002M-M001*1SUBARUEJ202355130.55301002M-F002* It is the weight of one connecting rod. A connecting rod bolt is contained. As for the set for one set, the weight difference is less than 1g.* Each weight is reference. There may be some differences in a product.*1 When using it combining a stock piston, snap ring slot processing, piston pin cut processing, and a snap ring are required.*2 If you use JUN Super Connecting Rods for RNN14 Pulsar you also need to use the conrods bearing for PS13 Silvia. Application List* Nissan VG30DE(TT)

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