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Discover unparalleled performance with the JUN SUPER CONNECTING ROD, meticulously crafted for strength and lightness. Engineered from SCM440 material and featuring ARP-manufactured bolts, this connecting rod ensures top-tier quality. Designed to address high rotation challenges, it optimally distributes stress, preventing metal burn and maintaining crucial clearances. Ideal for turbo engines, it surpasses stock limitations, offering precision balance and response in NA engines. With a focus on craftsmanship, the JUN SUPER CONNECTING ROD sets the standard for excellence, ensuring reliability and optimal performance in engines like SR20DET, 1JZ-GTE, and RB26DETT. Elevate your driving experience with JUN’s commitment to automotive engineering perfection.

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The JUN SUPER CONNECTING ROD is meticulously crafted through precision shaving, emphasizing both lightness and strength with a purpose-driven design. Crafted from SCM440, a material known for its durability, the connecting rod bolts are exclusively made by ARP, ensuring superior quality. To address potential issues during high rotations, the design strategically distributes stress, preventing metal burning. Recognizing the pivotal role of connecting rods, especially in the era of high-powered turbo engines, the JUN SUPER CONNECTING ROD stands as a reliable solution, surpassing the limitations of stock counterparts.

In the pursuit of optimum performance, the JUN SUPER CONNECTING ROD takes into account the weight influence on response in NA engines. It not only reduces the burden on the crank metal by minimizing the big end weight but also ensures a well-balanced weight position throughout. The importance of maintaining clearance becomes evident in preventing scorching or uneven metal touching, common troubles associated with connecting rods.

Addressing these challenges, the JUN SUPER CONNECTING ROD employs a specialized form for the big end, enhancing strength and averting transformations during high rotations. This corrective approach ensures the required clearance is maintained, mitigating potential issues related to the connecting rod cap joint.

Specifications for the JUN SUPER CONNECTING ROD include the use of SCM440 material, subjected to a meticulous quenching and tempering heat treatment, achieving a hardness range of HRC32 to 36. The surface treatment involves a double-shot pinning process. The connecting rod bolts, manufactured by ARP with a strength rating of 200,000 Psi, further attest to the commitment to quality.

For specific applications, the JUN SUPER CONNECTING ROD caters to various engines such as SR20DET, 1JZ-GTE, RB26DETT, and more, each with designated part numbers and specifications. With a focus on precision engineering, JUN’s superior craftsmanship ensures optimal performance and reliability, setting the standard for connecting rod excellence.

For your Nissan VG30DE(TT) engine, trust in the exceptional quality of JUN SUPER CONNECTING RODs, ensuring a seamless fit and enhanced performance. Elevate your driving experience with JUN’s commitment to excellence in automotive engineering.


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