AutoLoc – 8 Channel 50 Lbs Remote Shaved Door Kit

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Autoloc™ shave door kits are the choose of all the major builders andcustomizers,and fabricators on the market. Autoloc™ shave door handle kits have been featured in several major magazines, and tv shows around the world. If you count on quality, performance and easy installation, you can count on Autoloc™!Heavy Duty SolenoidsAt the heart of any shaved door handle system is the solenoid. If the solenoid you install doesn't have the power and durability to reliably open your latches on the first pull you will be stuck with endless headaches and burned out solenoids. Lesser quality shaved door kits might open your latches at first, but it only takes cold weather or a little rust or foreign material to make the poundage required to open your latches go way up. This can leave you stranded with burned out or damaged solenoids. Autoloc™ solenoids make you immune to the rusty or sticky latches that will burn out lower quality solenoids. Autoloc™ solenoids are guaranty to open the stubbornness latches. Autoloc's™ Power Pull solenoids feature compact designs and durable steel construction. This makes them the ultimate solenoids for any shaved door handle application.Built-in Safety SystemSafety First! All Autoloc™ shave door handle kits have a built in safety circuit that disables the remote when the engine is running. In addition all Autoloc™ shave door kits also offer positive lock harness system. These features reduce accidental door opening and improper activation.Adjustable SolenoidsAutoloc's™ adjustable solenoids allow you to dial in the correct power setting to ensure your door opens every time with ease. In addition to increasing reliability, Autoloc's™ adjustable solenoids also reduce installation time and wear on your door latches.

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