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Davies, Craig – Electric Water Pump Digital Controller (12v)

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The Digital Controller is designed to control the operation of the EWP® by varying the speed of the EWP® in response to the temperature of the engine.The controller has a push-button on the control panel face that will adjust the target temperature. Generally, higher engine temperature will give improved fuel efficiency and lower temperature more power.The EWP® Digital Controller will run the EWP® after ignition shutdown to reduce heat soak.This product is designed to be used inconjunction with any of the following products..* Davies, Craig – Electric Water Pump 80L (12v)* Davies, Craig – Electric Water Pump 110L (12v)- Discontinued * Davies, Craig – Electric Water Pump 110L (24v)*Davies, Craig – Electric Water Pump 115L(12v)*Davies, Craig – Electric Water Pump 115L(24v)* Davies, Craig – Electric Booster Pump (12v)Warranty¹ ¹ Davies, Craig warrant that for a period of two (2) years or 2000 hours operation (whichever is lesser) from the date of purchase, we shall carry out, free of cost, any repairs that are reasonably necessary to correct any fault in the operation of your Electric Water Pump or Controller provided that such a fault is directly attributable to a defect in the workmanship or materials used in the manufacture of the part(s) and is not due to installation other than described in the instructions. Labour and consequential costs are excluded.

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