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  • HDi – Super Electric Boost Controller Kit Type-D (SE) (Universal)

HDi – Super Electric Boost Controller Kit Type-D (SE) (Universal)

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Budget Price, all the performance of the Type D and the expandability for optional add-ons as you need them.High precision temperature compensated pressure sensor provides the precision pressure reference for your turbo boost control function.By employing a unique closed loop boost regulating technique, the boost fluctuation is minimized once the desired boost level is reached. The anti lag program minimizes turbo spooling time so that you can have fast, sharp acceleration while maintaining your ideal regulated boost level.The HDi multi-function boost controller holds boost and performs extremely well. The NEW gunmetal chrome finish also enhances your car's interior.It is also fully expandable with optional add-onsEach module is 1/4 DIN, so four fit perfectly in a standard stereo slot.Features* In-cabin boost adjustment* Full time closed loop boost regulation* Fast target boost locking* Minimize turbo spooling time* Dual boost adjustment* Over boost function* 120psi pressure balanced solenoid* Detailed installation instructions* Microprocessor controlled* Rigid aluminum casing* High quality front panel* Three settings can be selected Warranty1 year warranty

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