Moroso – Battery Charger (12-16 Volt)

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Power Charger, 12-16 Volts at 30 Amps.* Dual Purpose, Dual Voltage: charges both 12 and 16 volt batteries and maintains them* Battery Type Switch: can be set for ANY Lead Acid, Sealed, Gel Cell type, Wet-Deep Cycle and Reactor Batteries* Works with (AGM) Glass Mat Batteries without the need for adjustment. Specially calibrated not to exceed 19 volts when in the 16 volt mode* Fully automatic 3-stage microprocessor controlled proportional timing, constant current first stage* 30 amp rating means fastest recharge available* Low Start Voltage for deeply discharged batteries, most chargers cannot start or recover batteries with a voltage under 9 volts. The Moroso Power Charger was designed so that it will begin charging a battery with a voltage as low as .02 of a volt* Made in USA, approved by U.L., E.T.L., C.S.A. and CE* Short and reverse polarity connection shutdown* Solid state LED Ammeter shows that the battery condition is charging, at 80% or READY (and no fragile moving meter parts to break)* External ambient temperature compensation* HIBERNATE mode is perfect for long storage, automatically shuts down to zero output minimal energy consumption after 24 hours, applying a maintenance charge cycle once every thirty days* Large carrying handle for use anywhere or easily wall, trailer or bench mountable.240 Converter Required.

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