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TOMEI – Camshafts – SR20DET S13 S14 S15 (Procam or Poncam)

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BRAND NEW set of cams for any of the SR20DET engines excluding the RNN14 SR20DET engine.You can pick between the 'PROCAM' series or the 'PONCAM' series and any of the listed lift/duration combinations that TOMEI offers on these cams.If you would like Poncam, Please advise us during the checkout process which one you require from the short list below for your vehicle.PONCAM SR20DET (R)PS13 TYPE-R143043PONCAM SR20DET S14/S15 TYPE-R143044If you would like Procam, Please advise us during the checkout process which Exhaust & Intake camshaft you require from the list below.PROCAM SR20DET PS13 IN 256-11.5mm143E256115PROCAM SR20DET S14/S15 IN 256-11.5mm143G256115PROCAM SR20DET EX 256-11.5mm1439256115PROCAM SR20DE(T) PS13 IN 260-12.0mm1431260120PROCAM SR20DET S14/S15 IN 260-12.0mm143G260120PROCAM SR20DE(T) EX 260-12.0mm1432260120PROCAM SR20DE(T) PS13 IN 270-12.5mm1431270125PROCAM SR20DET S14/S15 IN 270-12.5mm143G270125PROCAM SR20DE(T) EX 270-12.5mm1432270125PROCAM SR20 SOLID PS13 IN 260-12.0mm1435260120PROCAM SR20DET SOLID S14 IN 260-12.01433260120PROCAM SR20 SOLID EX 260-12.0mm1436260120PROCAM SR20 SOLID FF EX 260-12.0mm143K260120PROCAM SR20 SOLID PS13 IN 270-12.5mm1435270125PROCAM SR20DET SOLID S14 IN 270-12.51433270125PROCAM SR20 SOLID EX 270-12.5mm1436270125PROCAM SR20 SOLID FF EX 270-12.5mm143K270125PROCAM SR20 SOLID PS13 IN 280-12.5mm1435280125PROCAM SR20DET SOLID S14 IN 280-12.51433280125PROCAM SR20 SOLID EX 280-12.5mm1436280125PROCAM SR20 SOLID FF EX 280-12.5mm143K280125PONCAM SR20DE P10,W10 TYPE-N143041PONCAM SR20DE P11 TYPE-N143039PONCAM SR20DE (R)PS13 TYPE-N143040PONCAM SR20DE S14/S15 TYPE-N143042PROCAM SR20DE PS13/P10 IN 260-11.2mm143E260112PROCAM SR20DE S14/S15 IN 260-11.2mm143H260112PROCAM SR20DE P10 EX 260-11.2mm143J260112PROCAM SR20DE PS13/S14 EX 260-11.2mm1439260112PROCAM SR20DE S14/S15 EX 260-12.0mm143H260120PROCAM SR20DE P10 EX 260-12.0mm143J260120PROCAM SR20DE S14/S15 EX 270-12.5mm143H270125PROCAM SR20DE P10 EX 270-12.5mm143J270125PROCAM SR20DE SOLID S14 IN 260-12.01434260120PROCAM SR20DE SOLID S14 IN 270-12.51434270125PROCAM SR20DE SOLID S14 IN 280-12.51434280125

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