Odyssey – Drycell Battery 360 Cca

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Unleash unmatched power with the Odyssey Drycell battery ? a game-changer that combines the strengths of two batteries in one. Offering over 2150A cranking power for 5 seconds and 400 cycles to 100% depth of discharge, this dry cell battery excels in both deep cycling and high-amperage pulses. Unlike conventional options, it delivers 60% more cranking power, features a deep cycle design, and can be mounted in any position. With corrosion-resistant brass terminals and a durable steel jacket, it redefines versatility in a compact size of 168mm x 179mm x 128mm. Elevate your power performance with Odyssey.

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Experience unparalleled power with the Odyssey Drycell battery, a revolutionary solution that seamlessly integrates the capabilities of two distinct batteries into a single, high-performance unit. Unlike conventional batteries limited to either deep cycling or providing substantial cranking power, the Odyssey Drycell excels at both. Engineered with cutting-edge dry cell sealed technology, this battery delivers over 2150A of cranking power for 5 seconds, ensuring reliable starts, while also boasting an impressive 400 charge/discharge cycles to 100% depth of discharge (DOD). Unlike traditional batteries that specialize as either sprinters or long-distance runners, the Odyssey battery stands out by excelling at both tasks effortlessly. With 60% more cranking power, a deep cycle design, and the flexibility to be mounted in any position or location, this battery is the epitome of versatility. The brass terminals resist corrosion, and the steel jacket ensures durability even in the most demanding conditions. Elevate your power needs with the Odyssey Drycell battery, sized at 168mm x 179mm x 128mm, and experience performance that goes beyond the ordinary.


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