Projecta – 4300ma Charge N' Maintain Battery Charger

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Revitalize seldom-used vehicles effortlessly with our Charge N’ Maintain system, tailored for motorcycles, jet skis, and ride-on mowers. This automatic charger ensures optimal battery health by halting charging when full, eliminating overcharging risks. Its intelligent maintenance feature constantly tops up the battery, keeping it ready for use. Enhanced safety features include Thermal Overload/Polarity Protection, preventing sparks from accidental mishaps. The 60cm Wiring Harness allows easy connection to hard-to-reach batteries, with an inline fuse for added security. Elevate your vehicle’s longevity with our reliable and efficient battery maintenance solution.

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“Discover the perfect solution for preserving the health of infrequently used vehicles like motorcycles, jet skis, and ride-on mowers. Our Charge N’ Maintain system offers automatic charging, ensuring your battery stops charging when it reaches full capacity to prevent overcharging. With the added feature of automatic maintenance, the charger actively monitors battery voltage post-charge, consistently topping up the battery for optimal readiness. Our advanced Thermal Overload and Polarity Protection safeguards against sparking due to accidental reverse connection or short circuit, prioritizing safety. The 60cm Wiring Harness facilitates easy connection to hard-to-reach batteries in various vehicles, complemented by an inline fuse for protection against short circuits. Invest in a reliable solution for hassle-free battery maintenance, enhancing both longevity and safety for your vehicles.”


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