Projecta – 900ma Charge N' Maintain Battery Charger

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Elevate the care of infrequently used vehicles like motorcycles, jet skis, and ride-on mowers with our Charge N’ Maintain system. This smart charger not only stops automatically when the battery is full, preventing overcharging, but seamlessly transitions into maintenance mode, ensuring a consistently charged and ready-to-go battery. Safety is paramount with Thermal Overload and Polarity Protection features, guarding against sparking and short circuits. The 60cm Wiring Harness adds convenience for hard-to-reach batteries, featuring an inline fuse for extra security. Invest in efficiency and longevity for your battery with our intelligent charging solution.

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“Optimize the performance of your less frequently used vehicles, such as motorcycles, jet skis, and ride-on mowers, with our advanced Charge N’ Maintain system. This automatic charging solution ensures your battery is charged efficiently, automatically stopping when full to prevent overcharging. Even when connected, the system transitions seamlessly into automatic maintenance mode, continuously monitoring and topping up the battery to keep it at peak performance. Our charger also features Thermal Overload and Polarity Protection, enhancing safety by preventing sparking from accidental reverse connections or short circuits. The 60cm Wiring Harness facilitates easy connections to hard-to-reach batteries in various vehicles, and it comes equipped with an inline fuse for protection against short circuits. Invest in the longevity of your battery and the safety of your vehicle with our intelligent charging solution.”


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