EXEDY – Hyper Single Clutch Kit – Nissan 200SX S15 (SR20DET)

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Unleash the power of your vehicle with the EXEDY HYPER SINGLE CLUTCH, a state-of-the-art clutch set designed for light to moderately tuned vehicles up to 400 HP. Ideal for street driving and road circuits, it features a lightweight design, high torque capacity, and reduced clutch disc inertia for improved shift response. The clutch’s advanced technology includes a high-friction, low-wear material for enhanced durability and a unique diaphragm spring for longevity and efficiency. With a strap drive pressure plate function, it ensures seamless disengagement and eliminates heat-related issues, providing a noise-free driving experience. Compatible with Nissan Silvia S15 SR20DET, this clutch comes with a flywheel for a complete performance package. Elevate your driving with the EXEDY Hyper Single Clutch.

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Experience unparalleled performance with the EXEDY HYPER SINGLE CLUTCH, a cutting-edge clutch set meticulously crafted for light to moderately tuned vehicles with a power range of up to 400 HP. Engineered for optimal functionality in both limited street driving and road circuit environments, this clutch boasts a remarkable balance of high torque capacity and a specialized lightweight design to minimize clutch disc inertia. Embrace the advantages of its LIGHTWEIGHT & LOW INERTIA DESIGN, featuring a high friction coefficient, low wear, and a heat-resistant material (T5001) for enhanced durability and reduced clutch size. The innovative DIAPHRAGM SPRING TECHNOLOGY ensures a prolonged lifespan and heightened efficiency through a superior material and heat treatment process, preventing heat deflection, loss of clamp load, and heavy pedal effort. With a focus on STRAP DRIVE TYPE PRESSURE PLATE FUNCTION, this clutch guarantees improved disengagement, eliminating no-disengagement issues related to heat deformation while preventing the distinct rattle noise associated with lug drive type clutches. Elevate your driving experience with the EXEDY Hyper Single Clutch?optimized for excellence. (*Compatible with Nissan Silvia S15 SR20DET, Flywheel Included.)

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