EXEDY – Hyper Single Clutch Kit – Nissan Skyline R34 GTT

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Unleash the power of your ride with the EXEDY HYPER SINGLE CLUTCH?a game-changer for vehicles up to 400 HP. Ideal for spirited street drives and road circuit cars, its lightweight design and high torque capacity redefine performance. Featuring a cutting-edge LOW INERTIA DESIGN, advanced materials ensure reduced clutch size, increased durability, and swift gear changes. The DIAPHRAGM SPRING TECHNOLOGY guarantees long life and efficiency, while the STRAP DRIVE TYPE PRESSURE PLATE FUNCTION enhances clutch disengagement, eliminating heat-induced issues. Upgrade to the EXEDY Hyper Single Clutch for a high-performance driving experience, now available for Nissan Skyline R34 GTT ER34 and more.* Elevate your ride to the next level.

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Introducing the cutting-edge EXEDY HYPER SINGLE CLUTCH, a revolutionary clutch set meticulously crafted for light to moderately tuned vehicles boasting up to 400 HP. Tailored for optimum performance in limited street driving and road circuit cars, this clutch is engineered with a high torque capacity and a unique lightweight design aimed at minimizing clutch disc inertia. Its standout feature lies in its LIGHTWEIGHT & LOW INERTIA DESIGN, incorporating a high friction coefficient, low wear, and an advanced heat-resistant material (T5001). This innovation not only reduces clutch size but significantly enhances durability. The inclusion of a robust small damper disc, specially redesigned for the hyper single clutch, ensures improved durability. The DIAPHRAGM SPRING TECHNOLOGY employed sets new standards for long life and high efficiency. With a leading-edge clutch diaphragm spring and original design featuring a special heat treatment process, it guarantees heightened durability, preventing heat deflection, loss of clamp load, and heavy pedal effort. The STRAP DRIVE TYPE PRESSURE PLATE FUNCTION further enhances clutch disengagement by forcibly separating the pressure plate from the facing surface, mitigating heat-induced deformation issues. Say goodbye to no-disengagement problems and the rattle noise associated with lug drive type clutches. Gear up for unparalleled performance with the EXEDY Hyper Single Clutch, now available for Nissan Skyline R34 GTT ER34 and a range of other applications.* Elevate your driving experience with a clutch designed for the future.

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