EXEDY – Hyper Single Clutch Kit – Toyota Starlet EP82/EP91

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The EXEDY HYPER SINGLE CLUTCH is a new generation clutch set for light to moderately tuned vehicles up to 400 HP. The EXEDY Hyper Single Clutch is ideal for limited street driving and road circuit cars. The EXEDY Hyper Single Clutch has high torque capacity and a special lightweight design to reduce the clutch disc inertia.LIGHT WEIGHT & LOW INERTIA DESIGN High friction coefficient, low wear, and a special heat resistant material (T5001) has been developed enabling clutch size to be reduced and have increased durability. Improved durability by strong small damper disc, especially re-designed for hyper single clutch.Disc inertia level is less than OEM clutch for improved shift response for fast gear changes, especially in racing applications. DIAPHRAM SPRING TECHNOLOGY FOR LONG LIFE & HIGH EFFICIENCY Leading technology of clutch diaphragm spring and original design superior material using a special heat treatment process, which will result in a high durability level, and prevent heat deflection, loss of clamp load, and heavy pedal effort. Long life and improved clutch operation due to original design for hyper single clutch.STRAP DRIVE TYPE PRESSURE PLATE FUNCTION Improved clutch disengagement. (Pressure plate is forcibly separated from facing surface by strap plate)Prevent no-disengagement problem caused by the heat deformation of pressure plate.Prevent the peculiar rattle noise of lug drive type clutch. Application List* Toyota Starlet EP82/EP91

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