NISMO – Reinforced Engine Mounts – Nissan Skyline RSS/R34/2WD (Front)

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Elevate your driving experience with our upgraded engine mount bush, featuring enhanced rubber hardness. This advancement not only increases damage resistance but also reduces engine shake and lean during various driving scenarios. Enjoy improved accelerator response, shift feeling, and cornering performance. Designed as a bolt-on replacement for Nissan Skyline RB20DT/RB25DET RSS/R34/2WD (11220-RS585) front mounts. Be aware that compared to standard parts, there’s a higher likelihood of engine vibration into the interior. Reinforcement is recommended before installation due to increased load on the body side. Upgrade now for a smoother and more responsive ride!

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“Enhancing the durability of the rubber utilized in the mount bush significantly boosts resistance to damage, thereby minimizing engine shake and lean during acceleration, deceleration, braking, and cornering. This enhancement results in superior accelerator response, improved shift feeling, and enhanced cornering performance. The specifications are identical to the standard part, adopting a bolt-on design. This product is compatible with Nissan Skyline RB20DT/RB25DET RSS/R34/2WD (11220-RS585) for the front. However, it is crucial to note that compared to standard parts, there is a higher likelihood of engine vibration being transmitted into the automobile interior. Due to the increased load on the body side of the mount, any necessary reinforcement should be carried out before installing the mount. It’s important to be aware that the engine mount position will experience a rise of several millimeters.”


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