OS Giken – STR Twin Plate Clutch Kit – Honda NSX NA2

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Unleash the power of the OS Giken STR series ? a high-performance clutch engineered for up to 550hp. With a 30% lighter pedal feel compared to traditional multi-plate clutches, it seamlessly balances drivability with extraordinary power handling at just 715kg clamping pressure. Perfect for daily driving, racing, and drifting, the STR series includes a lightweight chrome-moly flywheel, ruby red-anodized billet aluminum clutch cover, and all necessary components. Elevate your driving experience with OS Giken’s STR series. (*Application List: Honda NSX NA2)

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Introducing the cutting-edge OS Giken STR series, a powerhouse designed to effortlessly manage up to 550hp while maintaining unparalleled drivability, closely mirroring standard performance. Experience a 30% reduction in pedal effort compared to typical multi-plate clutches, thanks to innovative plate and diaphragm designs. OS Giken achieves superior power handling with a mere 715kg clamping pressure, making the STR series ideal for everyday driving, as well as race and drift applications. For drag racing enthusiasts, explore our competition twin plate line-up for optimal performance.

Each clutch kit is meticulously crafted, featuring a lightweight chrome-moly flywheel, a striking ruby red-anodized billet aluminum clutch cover, and the essential bearing/carrier set or pull-push converter kit where necessary. The package also includes a pull-push converter kit for added convenience. Discover peak performance with OS Giken’s STR series ? the ultimate choice for enthusiasts. (*Application List: Honda NSX NA2)

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