Gizzmo – MS-IBC Boost Controller

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Unleash the power of the Gizzmo MS-IBC, a cutting-edge boost controller designed for serious drag racing professionals and street enthusiasts alike. With features like 3.5 bars of boost control, a digital boost gauge, and the innovative Multi-Scramble function, this controller delivers performance on both the track and the road. Proven on the fastest Skyline in Europe, it propels vehicles to record-breaking speeds, boasting a remarkable 7.75s quarter-mile at 176mph. With adjustable settings, remote facilities, and a sleek design, the MS-IBC is the go-to choice for turbo vehicles seeking unparalleled precision and power.

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Introducing the Gizzmo MS-IBC, meticulously developed with the drag racing professional in mind, our boost controller seamlessly transitions from the racetrack to the streets. Engineered for real-world drag racing scenarios, it boasts essential features such as 3.5 bars of boost control, a crystal-clear digital boost gauge with an over-boost warning, and a remote facility for toggling high-speed boost change memories or activating the Gizzmo Multi-Scramble feature.

Gizzmo’s Multi-Scramble goes beyond conventional scramble features, allowing users to press the button again before the scramble time completes, adding the same boost amount and refreshing the time duration. With adjustable settings up to 50lb (3.5bar), remote scramble/boost memory buttons, and selectable open/closed loop boost control, the MS-IBC is a powerhouse packed into a sleek, user-friendly controller.

Other features include 6 boost memories, a 40MHz high-speed RISC processor, a black extruded aluminum case, a blue 7-segment LED display, and white backlit buttons. The real-time digital boost gauge simplifies monitoring, while the simple 2-wire installation accommodates internal or external wastegates.

Proven on the fastest Skyline in Europe, the MS-IBC contributed to a remarkable 7.75s quarter-mile at 176mph, solidifying its performance pedigree. John Bradshaw’s GTS-T, equipped with the Gizzmo MS-IBC, achieved three consecutive 7-second passes on low boost, making an impressive 1140hp at 2.2 bar without Nitrous.

This electronic boost controller, with its impeccable track record, is poised for even greater feats. As it gears up for the Jap Finale, a 7.6-second pass could be within reach, showcasing the MS-IBC’s unrivaled performance. See why the MS-IBC is the top choice for turbo vehicles, delivering unparalleled results for enthusiasts who demand precision and power.


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