Cusco – Oil Catch Can Kit – 15mm (Universal)

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Optimize your street vehicle’s environmental impact with our cutting-edge 0.6L tank. Engineered with a 15mm pipe, it efficiently reburns toxic gases, curbing the release of unburned pollutants into the air. Elevate your eco-conscious driving experience for a cleaner, greener urban commute.

In Stock


Ensure your vehicle’s environmental compliance with our innovative street-use-only tank designed to efficiently reburn toxic gases, preventing the release of unburned pollutants into the air. This high-performance tank boasts a compact volume of 0.6L and features a precision-engineered 15mm pipe, delivering optimal functionality while prioritizing eco-friendly practices. Upgrade your vehicle with our state-of-the-art solution, promoting both sustainability and clean air for a greener, healthier urban environment.


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