Garrett – Turbocharger Speed Sensor – Street Kit

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Maximize your turbocharger’s potential with the Garrett? Turbocharger Speed Sensor Kit! This advanced kit empowers you to monitor your turbocharger’s internals for extended lifespan and optimal performance. By tracking shaft speed, you gain insights for peak power, seamlessly integrating with dataloggers. The kit includes a Garrett?-branded gauge with a maximum speed recall function for easy mapping. Ensure your turbo operates at its best, prevent overspeeding, and safeguard your engine. Compatible with any turbocharger, the user-friendly installation comes complete with wiring. Elevate your turbocharger with the Garrett? Turbocharger Speed Sensor Street Kit (PN 781328-0001) ? including speed sensor, wiring harness, instructions, and a Garrett?-branded gauge. Unleash the true power of your engine effortlessly!

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Unlock Peak Performance with the Garrett? Turbocharger Speed Sensor Kit!

Experience unparalleled turbocharger optimization with the Garrett? Turbocharger Speed Sensor Kit. This cutting-edge kit allows you to meticulously monitor your turbocharger’s internal dynamics, ensuring prolonged lifespan and peak performance, all at a cost-effective price.

By consistently tracking your turbocharger’s shaft speed, using either a data logger or the branded Garrett? speed sensor gauge, you gain comprehensive insights into your turbocharger’s performance.

Achieve Maximum Performance

By analyzing boost levels and shaft speed on a compressor map, you can identify the optimal operating conditions, guaranteeing peak power across a broader range. Our Garrett? Turbocharger Speed Sensor Kits seamlessly integrate with dataloggers, enhancing your engine tuning capabilities.

Moreover, the Garrett?-branded gauge features a convenient maximum speed recall function, retaining the highest wheel speed for five minutes for easy mapping.

The data obtained from the Garrett? Turbocharger Speed Sensor Kit enables you to closely estimate your engine’s flow behavior without the need for a flow bench. This invaluable information ensures that your turbocharger operates at its maximum potential, validates the turbo match, and prevents overspeeding, safeguarding your engine from potential damage.

For those aiming to optimize further, this kit can be used alongside an aftermarket ECU to limit compressor speed, providing complete control over your turbocharger’s performance. With the Garrett? Turbocharger Speed Sensor Kit, rest assured that you’ve selected the ideal turbo for your specific needs.

User-Friendly Installation

The Garrett? Turbocharger Speed Sensor is compatible with any turbocharger, accurately determining compressor wheel speed. Our comprehensive instructions include detailed drawings specifying the machining specifications for all Garrett? GT catalog turbochargers, as well as general guidelines for other compressor housing types. The kit comes complete with all necessary wiring for effortless installation and straightforward data logging.

Upgrade your turbocharger’s potential today with the Garrett? Turbocharger Speed Sensor Street Kit – PN 781328-0001. This kit includes the speed sensor, wiring harness, installation instructions, and a Garrett?-branded turbo speed gauge. Elevate your turbocharger experience with Garrett? and unleash the true power of your engine!


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