HDi – Hybrid X1 Intercooler Kit – Subaru Forester SF

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Elevate your Subaru Forester SF5’s performance with HDi’s revolutionary SIR – X front mount intercooler system. Setting a new standard for high-flow efficiency, this bespoke kit, designed exclusively for Forester SF5 engines, ensures optimal fit without compromising existing components like Fog Lights, Support Bar, and Foam Bumper Cushioning. Engineered for Subaru Forester GT SF5 models (97-02), this comprehensive HDi Hybrid X1 Intercooler Kit not only boosts power from 91kW to 160kW but also offers precise tuning options, including the HDi MAX-ROM on 14.5 PSI. Upgrade your driving experience with HDi’s expertly crafted intercooler kit ? performance redefined, excellence guaranteed.

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“HDi’s front mount intercoolers have redefined the benchmark for high-performance front mount intercooler systems. Our cutting-edge design not only ensures ultra-high flow and efficiency but also establishes a performance standard that sets us apart from other manufacturers. The latest addition to our lineup, the SIR – X front mount intercooler system, is meticulously crafted to cater specifically to the extreme performance demands of Subaru Forester SF5 engines.

With a specialized cross-fins high flow core, this intercooler kit excels not only in exceptional flow but also seamlessly fits into the limited space within the factory front reinforcement. What distinguishes this kit from others in the market is its bespoke design for the Forester SF5, ensuring that key elements like Fog Lights, Support Bar, and Foam Bumper Cushioning remain intact for a snug fit without any sagging.

This is a dedicated SF5 kit, meticulously tailored for Subaru Forester GT SF5 models. It’s a comprehensive package, not just an intercooler replacement. The application list includes Subaru Forester GT SF5, covering model years 1997-2002.

For your Forester SF (97-02) running at 91kW with Factory Boost and Factory Top Mount Intercooler, upgrading to HDi Hybrid X1 Intercooler Kit on 12 PSI unleashes a substantial power boost to 160kW. Opting for the HDi Hybrid X1 Intercooler Kit with HDi MAX-ROM on 14.5 PSI, expertly tuned by HDi at C & V Performance, takes your performance to an impressive 160kW.

It’s important to note that installing this kit necessitates a tune, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Trust HDi for top-notch intercooler solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations.”


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