Defi – Defi-Link Meter BF – Oil Temperature (60mm)

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Elevate your vehicle’s performance and aesthetics with Defi-Link Meters. These electronic gauges, part of the Defi-Link System, offer high responsiveness and a refined design. Connect up to 7 gauges to the Defi-Link Control Unit II for seamless control. The BF gauges feature a sleek appearance, disappearing when turned off. Enjoy advanced features like adjustable brightness, data storage, and a Double Warning function for enhanced safety. Defi-Link Meters require the Defi-Link Control Unit II and are exclusively applicable to 12V vehicles, providing a sophisticated blend of precision and style for your driving experience.

In Stock


Experience precision and style with Defi-Link Meters, cutting-edge electronic gauges featuring rapid response and a sophisticated design. Designed to be seamlessly integrated with the Defi-Link Control Unit II, these gauges, part of the Defi-Link System, offer a streamlined connection process allowing up to 7 gauges to be controlled by a single unit. The BF gauges boast a sleek appearance, with lettering and needles disappearing when turned off. The innovative system ensures gauge attachment through a ‘DAISY CHAIN’ wiring setup. The Defi-Link System also brings forth a captivating Opening and Ending mode, adjustable brightness across 10 stages, and the ability to store and replay driving data for up to 3 minutes. Enhancing safety, a Double Warning function employs both LED lamps and audible beeps. Compatibility with Defi-Link Indicators provides visual alerts, and the system can display the differential pressure between fuel and turbo if both meters are installed. Elevate your driving experience with Defi-Link Meter BF, exclusively applicable to 12V vehicles, requiring the Defi-Link Control Unit II for optimal operation. Illuminate your journey with Defi-Link Meters?a fusion of performance and aesthetics.


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