Defi – Racer Gauge – Voltage (52mm)

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Experience precision and speed with our Racer Gauges ? compact 2 1/16? (52mm) analog instruments designed for quick responsiveness and high accuracy. These standalone gauges, operating without the need for a control unit, feature a VOLT dial (10-15V) and boast a range of advanced functionalities. Enjoy a non-link system, self-diagnosis capabilities, and crisp white illumination. The in-house production stepping motor ensures smooth operation, and easy installation is facilitated with the included mounting bracket. Illuminate your driving experience with synchronized vehicle switch illumination and explore various modes with opening/ending modes. Watch our video for an in-depth look: [Link to your YouTube video].

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Key features include a non-link system, self-diagnosis for disconnected/short-circuit scenarios, and a crisp white illumination color. The in-house production stepping motor ensures seamless operation, while the unit comes complete with a mounting bracket for easy installation. Experience the convenience of illumination that syncs with your vehicle’s switch and explore various modes with the opening/ending modes feature.

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