GruppeM – RAM Intake System – BMW E85 Z4 2.2L/2.5L (04-06)

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Revolutionize your BMW E85 Z4 with our cutting-edge carbon duct case and RAM AIR SYSTEM. Experience enhanced torque, maximum power, and an aggressive intake sound. Our High-End Intake Systems, meticulously crafted for optimal performance, feature a conical air filter, custom carbon intakes, and hassle-free installation with specially designed adapters. Unleash your machine’s full potential with improved air intake and cooling mechanisms. Compatible with BMW E85 Z4 2.2L/2.5L (04-06). Order now for a performance boost in just weeks!

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“Explore our innovative carbon duct case tailored for the BMW E85 Z4, designed to optimize engine performance. Our RAM AIR SYSTEM maximizes the available space in the E85 Z4 engine room, effectively reducing heat and channeling cool, fresh air from the front section. This system enhances torque and power across a wide RPM range, providing a noticeable improvement in acceleration and a more aggressive intake sound.

Discover more about our RAM AIR SYSTEM at [Your URL].

At the heart of our top-of-the-line ‘High-End Intake Systems’ lies a commitment to uncompromised quality. Each system is meticulously crafted to maximize overall performance, featuring a conical air filter strategically placed to control air turbulence and accelerate airflow. Custom-made carbon intakes cater to individual car specifications, incorporating heat insulation and air-cooling mechanisms for optimal synergy and superlative performance.

Our High-End Intake Systems guarantee an ideal environment, unlocking your machine’s full potential. Installation is hassle-free with specially designed fitting adapters.

Key Features:

Carbon intake duct: Isolate engine heat, deliver cool air to the filter.
Quick release center clamp: Enhances maintenance performance.
Center cone: Improves air-intake rectification.
High-dimensional four-layer cotton filter: Enlarged air-intake area with controlled deformation.
Lower case & Lower clamp, Funnel ring: Prioritize intake performance.
Compatible with BMW E85 Z4 2.2L/2.5L (04-06). Special orders may take up to 3 weeks for delivery.”

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