TOMEI – SS Suction Kit – Nissan Silvia S15

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Elevate your NISSAN Z32’s performance with our advanced engine enhancement kit. Expertly designed to reduce intake resistance, our kit ensures a significant boost in engine response and output. Choose from two specialized options for the NISSAN Z32 air flow meter, featuring SAMCO? silicone hoses known for their heat resistance and durability. The TOMEI SS suction pipe, with high-strength hose, maintains shape under high boost and pressure, outperforming stock alternatives. Unleash the full potential of your engine with improved air intake efficiency, acceleration, and a sleek under-the-hood aesthetic. Essential for NISSAN Z32 AFM conversion. Compatible with Nissan Silvia S15 SR20DET.”

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Revitalize your NISSAN Z32 with our cutting-edge performance enhancement kit designed to optimize engine response and output. Our meticulously crafted kit reduces intake resistance, paving the way for a substantial boost in performance. Choose from our two specialized kits tailored for the NISSAN Z32 air flow meter, ensuring optimal air flow for enhanced efficiency.

Our innovative solution features the renowned SAMCO? silicone hose, celebrated for its exceptional heat resistance and durability. This hose guarantees a consistent supply of fresh air, even under high boost pressure, setting the stage for unparalleled performance. The attached air funnel maximizes air intake efficiency, a critical factor in enabling the turbine to operate at its peak.

The TOMEI SS suction pipe, equipped with SAMCO? high-strength hose, maintains its form under extreme conditions, unlike the stock suction pipe that tends to shrink and impede airflow. The NISSAN Z32 AFM (Air Flow Meter) is a key component for this upgrade, boasting an impressive ?80 diameter compared to the standard ?65. This differential becomes a significant bottleneck for air intake, making our kit indispensable for unleashing the full potential of your engine.

Key Features:
– Substantial gains in air intake efficiency with TOMEI ?80 diameter compared to the Standard ?65.
– Optimized performance with bolt-on turbine.
– Essential kit for converting NISSAN Z32 air flow meter, overcoming the ?80 diameter obstacle.
– Seamless integration with the NISSAN Z32 air flow meter for enhanced engine response and output.
– Accelerate with confidence and style, as our kit not only boosts acceleration but also enhances the aesthetic appeal under the hood. (Kit includes SAMCO? hose)

– Nissan Silvia S15 SR20DET

Experience the power of innovation with our performance kit ? where form meets function for a driving experience like never before.”


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