ACRE – Super Fighter Brake Pads – Honda Civic EK4/EG6 (Front)

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ACRE SUPER FIGHTER: Unleash the thrill of the streets with precision and style. Expertly designed for sports driving, this pad ensures a swift cold start response and impeccable control. Perfect for weekend warriors, it strikes the ideal balance, minimizing brake dust for everyday use while excelling in spirited driving. A cutting-edge addition to Acre’s lineup, the Super Street model embodies their street pad technology, boasting Asbestos-Free materials and compatibility with a range of Japanese vehicles, including the Honda Civic VTi-R EK4 and Honda Civic EG6. Elevate your driving experience with ACRE SUPER FIGHTER?where performance meets perfection.

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Introducing ACRE SUPER FIGHTER, meticulously crafted for optimal street performance and tailored for the enthusiastic weekend warrior. Engineered with a focus on sports driving, this pad boasts excellent cold start responsiveness and precise control, making it an ideal choice for diverse street driving scenarios. A testament to Acre’s commitment to innovation, the Super Street model embodies a perfect balance, minimizing brake dust while ensuring superior performance. Versatile enough for both daily commuting and spirited sports driving, it represents Acre’s latest evolution in street pad technology, offering a cutting-edge design backed by their extensive experience with over 400 types of Japanese vehicle brake pads. Crafted from Asbestos-Free materials, this pad is specifically designed for street use, with an applicable rotor temperature range of 0 to 450 degrees. Elevate your driving experience with ACRE SUPER FIGHTER, the epitome of precision and reliability. Explore the possibilities on a variety of vehicles, including the Honda Civic VTi-R EK4 and Honda Civic EG6.


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