ACRE – Super Fighter Brake Pads – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (Front)

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Discover ACRE SUPER FIGHTER, the ultimate street pad designed for sports driving. Engineered for responsive cold starts and impeccable control, it strikes the perfect balance for weekend warriors. With minimal brake dust, it’s suitable for daily commutes and spirited sports driving. Acre’s innovative Super Street model, based on advanced street pad technology, is Asbestos-Free and applicable to various Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution models (I-X with Brembo). Elevate your street performance with ACRE SUPER FIGHTER ? precision and power in every drive.

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Introducing ACRE SUPER FIGHTER, meticulously crafted for optimal street performance and designed with a focus on sports driving. Engineered to deliver excellent response even during cold starts, this pad boasts exquisite control, making it an ideal choice for enthusiasts seeking a thrilling yet reliable experience on the road. The Super Street model epitomizes Acre’s cutting-edge design, seamlessly blending their innovative street pad technology. With a superior balance and minimal brake dust, this pad is versatile enough for both daily commuting and spirited sports vehicle driving. Acre, a pioneer with over 400 types of Japanese vehicle brake pads, ensures top-tier quality with an Asbestos-Free composition. Specifically tailored for a range of Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution models (I-X with Brembo), this pad sets a new standard in street performance. Elevate your driving experience with ACRE SUPER FIGHTER ? where precision meets power.


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