APEXi – Aluminium Induction Box – Lexus IS200 (SXE10)

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The A’PEX Aluminum Induction Box is a game-changer for turbocharged engines, effectively shielding the intake filter from power-robbing heat. By enclosing the filter and redirecting air away from heat-soaked components, it prevents the ingestion of hot air, promoting cooler intake temperatures for more efficient combustion. Crafted to precision standards by A’PEX, this box ensures optimal fitment and maximum performance. Note: Filters not included. Compatible with Lexus IS200 – SXE10 (98/10 onwards) and Toyota Altezzia – SXE10 3S-GE (98/10 onwards). Elevate your driving experience with A’PEX engineering excellence.

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The A’PEX Aluminum Induction Box stands as an exceptional solution, skillfully designed to safeguard the intake filter element from the detrimental impact of heat generated by turbocharged engines and challenging under-the-hood conditions. This cutting-edge box encapsulates the filter element entirely, skillfully diverting the intake air charge away from heat-saturated engine components. As a result, the A’PEX induction box effectively averts the ingestion of hot, preheated air from the engine compartment, contributing to a noticeable reduction in intake air temperature. This pivotal enhancement promotes remarkably efficient combustion, culminating in superior performance and heightened reliability. Crafted with precision by A’PEX, all components adhere to the highest standards, ensuring impeccable fitment and optimal performance. It’s important to note that filters are not included with the box. This innovative solution is compatible with a range of vehicles, including the Lexus IS200 – SXE10 (98/10 onwards) and the Toyota Altezzia – SXE10 3S-GE (98/10 onwards). Elevate your driving experience with A’PEX ? where excellence meets engineering.


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