APEXi – Pen Size Turbo Timer – Black/Silver (Universal)

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Elevate your turbocharged vehicle’s performance and longevity with the APEXi Auto Timer. This sleek, pen-shaped marvel boasts a compact design for a stylish installation anywhere in your car. Safeguard your engine by allowing it to idle after shutdown, preventing hot oil issues in the lines. The upgraded model features an automatic mode for intelligent idling and a manual mode for personalized control. Display critical data like O2 sensor voltage and battery voltage, with the added security of a handbrake safety feature. Choose Silver or Black to match your style. Experience the pinnacle of turbo timer technology with the APEXi Auto Timer.

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The APEXi Auto Timer is a cutting-edge solution for turbocharged vehicles, designed to enhance engine longevity and turbo health. This innovative device allows the vehicle to idle for a predetermined duration after removing the ignition key, preventing hot oil from causing issues in the engine lines. Engine oil temperatures can skyrocket during intense driving, posing risks to the turbo and engine. The Auto Timer, with its compact, pen-shaped design, stands out as one of the smallest turbo timers available, facilitating a sleek installation in various car locations. The upgraded model features a unique multi-angle joystick button for effortless navigation through its feature-rich menus. With an automatic mode that intelligently determines the required idling time and a manual mode enabling users to preset durations from 0 sec. to 10 minutes, this device offers versatility. Additionally, it displays critical data like O2 sensor voltage and battery voltage, with the ability to show theoretical air-fuel ratios based on O2 sensor input. While not as precise as dedicated air/fuel ratio monitors, the Auto Timer’s use of the factory O2 sensor provides valuable insights. For added security, a handbrake safety feature ensures the vehicle turns off when the handbrake is released without the ignition key. Choose from Silver or Black to match your style. Experience the APEXi Auto Timer – the epitome of turbo timer technology.


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